Starting is simple

  1. Receive request: Receive a detailed job request for your expertise from a customer in your area.

  2. Create profile: Showcase your qualifications by setting up a skills profile with OurTradie.

  3. Submit quote: Submit quotes or request via your smartphone, iPad or computer to see the job onsite. Many jobs from Property Managers are made as unquoted job offers so you might not even have to quote before you do some work.

  4. Review & Selection: The customer reviews your response, quote and profile then selects you.

  5. Connect: Use the OurTradie online appointment setting tools.

  6. Do a great Job: The customer leaves you a positive review resulting in even more jobs via OurTradie.

How to respond

After we contact you about a job that sounds great for you, here are a few options for how to respond:

Price quote: If the details of the customer's job request are clear and the parameters are known, you can submit a quote online. When you see the details of the work onsite, you can alter your quote if needed.. No need to pad out your quote because you can re-quote if the customer changes their request or the job differs when you see it onsite. The customer will have a chance to leave you a tip, of course!

Onsite estimate: If you need to see the job onsite before quoting, you are not guaranteed the job, but you have more flexibility on price, depending on the size and needs of the work to be done. You'll then submit a proposal for the price for labor and materials in as much detail as you like, and after the customer approves the proposal and you complete the job, you can invoice the customer for the work.

Unquoted job offers: Customers can request unquoted job offers when they know you and trust you to do a good job at a good price. This is how Property Managers prefer to work for jobs within their discretionary spend level. It speeds things up.

Invoice: To receive payment from a customer, you' need to send an invoice via OurTradie after completing work. In the invoice you'll outline the costs to the customer. The price for labour and materials that you list in this form will dictate exactly what the customer will pay. (The customer can still add a tip if they choose!)

Why should I set up my tradie profile?

Your profile becomes the face of your online reputation, and it proves to our customers that you're qualified to fulfil the job's needs. Customers see your profile and read your reviews, and because they have the opportunity to see these items before working with you. An up-to-date profile with your picture, a high Tradie Rating, several good reviews, and full information about your insurance and licensing can mean the difference between your winning the job and the work going to another tradie. We assign a ranking to our Tradies called the Tradie Rating, which takes into account your qualifications, reputation, and level of service. A low Tradie Rating makes it hard for you to make a good first impression with a potential customer, but don't worry: we've got lots of suggestions for how to improve your Tradie Rating.