Get a tradie you can trust

Pre-screened and approved.

Pre-approved for high-quality service

We prescreen and preapprove all the tradies in our community of providers so you can be sure your job will get done right. During our pre-screening process we:

  • interview each tradie

  • verify their profile information

  • check licenses, insurances and qualifications

When a tradie impresses us during this process, we'll ask them to join OurTradie.

The OurTradie code of conduct

We hold our tradies to high standards, because why should you settle for less? After our tradies have been accepted to join us, they must take agree to our code of conduct to:

  • arrive on time

  • come prepared to do the job

  • be courteous and trustworthy

Only after they've taken the oath do we officially certify them as one of our tradies.

Tradie Ratings

The tradie's score is calculated by a combination of:

  • the quality of work they’ve provided

  • the level of detail included in their profile

  • their customer ratings

  • their responsiveness to customer needs

Real Reviews from Real Customers

Although we assign our tradies a Tradie Rating, we understand you also want to hear from the customers who actually used the tradies.

To help you decide which tradie to book:

  • We offer tradie reviews, which are only from customers who have used that tradie through OurTradie.

  • We show you every review, so you can learn about the experiences real OurTradie customers have had with our tradies.

  • We give you the tradie’s average Tradie Rating based on all OurTradie customer reviews.

Your voice matters to your community as much as it matters to us. By taking a few minutes to review the tradie after your job, you’re doing your part to ensure we can deliver the highest quality results every time. OurTradie relies on reviews from our customers just as our customers count on honest reviews to confidently book a tradie.