Tradies FAQ

Why should I offer my services on OurTradie?

OurTradie connects qualified Tradies with job requests from local customers for their property needs. You'll get the best job requests from customers who are looking for a professional with your exact skill set. With immediate notifications, you'll be able to respond quickly to job requests and win more jobs.

How much does OurTradie cost?

OurTradie usage fees are determined by the Real Estate office who gives you the work and are generally between 2% (cap$20) and 5% (cap$50) of invoice (EX GST). Fees are only payable on paid invoices and are payable monthly (in arrears) by Card or Direct Debit authority

There are no other fees.

How do I become an OurTradie professional?

All you have to do is submit a few required details -- such as your name, area of expertise, and postcode -- and you'll be prompted to fill out a more complete application. We will check your uploaded documentation, licenses etc. and mark them as verified when they pass our tests.

How do I set my location for my business?

When you create your OurTradie profile, you choose the postcodes you would like to service. This means you won't receive job requests in locations in which you're not willing to take jobs. You're welcome to make your work area as large or as small as you'd like.

How is my Tradie Rating determined?

Your Tradie Rating can be influenced by a number of factors: the level of detail you provide, the pictures you upload, the licensing information you include, and, most importantly, the number of great reviews you get from happy OurTradie customers. For more tips on how to improve your Tradie Rating, visit your My Account page.

Profile Basics

What's included in my profile?

Customise your online presence on your profile page. From here, you'll build a skill profile in which you describe the service you specialise in to the OurTradie community. This way, we only match you to jobs in your area of expertise. You'll also have the opportunity to specify the area you service, your company's website, and any relevant photos related to the work you've done.

Can I work in multiple trade categories?

Absolutely! You can add as many trade categories as you work in. For example, both a professional painter and handyman, you can be matched to jobs in both categories. If you've gone through the verification process for a trade category, you'll have to reapply and be cleared for each subsequent trade category you want to add.

How do I complete my profile?

You'll have the opportunity to add more information to expand on your profile. You can uploading photos of your previous work, add a logo or self-portrait, and include various credentials and qualifications in the My Profile area.

Can I change my trades categories?

Yes. Once logged in, you can go to Edit Profile and select or deselect trades categories you work in and the post codes you'd like to service.

Improving Profiles

What are the benefits of personalising my profile?

Your Tradie Rating is partially dependent on the the completeness of your profile. The more details you add about your business, the higher your Tradie Rating will go. Also, customers are more likely to book a tradie with an exhaustive profile, so for best results, make sure you complete your entire profile.

Can I update information on a profile I've created?

You can update your profile at any time. If you manage employees you can also edit your employees profiles.

Can I show examples of my previous work on my profile?

Yes, and we highly recommend it. You can upload photos of your prior work profile page, which can be accessed from the Manage Profiles tab (you must be signed in).

How do I get matched to a job?

We use a proprietary algorithm based on advanced computer-learning models to match your skills and specialties to relevant jobs within your service area. With OurTradie, you'll never be arbitrarily matched to jobs that are outside of your specialty or too far away from your place of business.

Will I always be alerted when new jobs become available?

When OurTradie matches you to a job, we'll notify you by email and/or text message about the opportunity to review and quote on the job.

Where can I see the jobs I have worked on and completed in the past

You can see all of the jobs you have worked on in the past in the Completed Jobs section.

Responding to a Job Request

How do I submit a response?

You'll get an email or text regarding the job request, and from there, you can click on the link we provide to respond to the job or if you are loged in, you can check your OurTradie dashboard. (You can access this same link if you log into your account on Simply click the job and you'll be given some options for response. If you're certain of the price you charge for this service, enter a price quote or price range. If you still have questions about the job, you can ask the customer questions that will clarify the size and scope of the job. You can do this until you have an idea of what the price or price range should be, at which point you can submit that to the customer.

How long do I have to submit a price for a job?

You have up until the Quote Due Date to submit a quote on a job however you may miss out on a job if another quote is accepted before this date.

Is my quote binding?

You can change your quote up until the customer accepts you to start the work. This helps if you are negotiating in detail with the customer or if the size or scope of the job significantly changes. In these cases, you and the customer must mutually agree to modify the price, and those changes can be included in your invoice, which the customer also must approve for payment.

What if I do work that does not start with a quote?

Most Property Management jobs are not quoted because it is more efficient to use a trusted tradie for smaller jobs under the quote threshold. OurTradie is built to work just as well with jobs not needing a quote so you can work as efficiently as possible.

Based on the information in this customer's job request, I'm not ready to quote a price. What do I do?

We want to get you - and the customer - to a place where you're comfortable with providing a price for the job. You're able to ask the customer as many questions as you need to get an idea of the parameters of the job. We open up a dialog between you and the customer to get all your questions answered. You’ll then give the customer a proposal for the work that outlines the estimated cost of both materials and labour, and from that proposal, the customer still needs to select your bid over those of your peers.

Winning jobs

Does the lowest price always win?

There is no perfect price. You should offer the most competitive possible price for the job, but customers consider many other factors, such as Tradie Ratings, reviews, qualifications, and the amount of detail provided in the profile.

How long before I know if I've won the job?

Most frequently, the customer will select a quote or onsite request within the time period before the listed start date and time. However, they do have 30 days to select your quote or onsite request before we consider the job expired.


Does OurTradie pay me for the job?

Not quite yet. Soon, all you will have to do is apply to be paid via OurTradie as part of registration and we will link payments to your existing OurTradie profile. The customer will then pay OurTradie online, and the money is sent to your nominated account overnight.

How do I get paid after doing a job?

For now, your customers will pay your outside OurTradie. Soon OurTradie will bill the customers for you and deposits the money you earn for the job into your account, which gives you immediate access to the money you earn.

When does OurTradie charge me for winning a job?

You are charged fees on the invoiced value of your jobs. So, if you don’t win a job, there are not fees.

Credit Cards

Will I be asked to provide a credit card number or bank account details?

Yes. You'll be asked to provide a credit card number details as part of your application. This is how we charge you the fees to use OurTradie.

How can I update my credit card information?

You can update your credit card information by clicking on Edit profile (in the top right corner of the page) and then clicking the edit link next to Credit Card.