How to get more jobs

We want you to increase your opportunities to win jobs through OurTradie, so here are a few ways to boost your chances of winning jobs:

Build a solid profile. Updated information for your licenses, insurance, and qualifications checks demonstrates to our customers that you're trustworthy and qualified. A more complete profile means that you'll boost your Tradie Rating: a metric we assign to your profile that is generated out of your customer reviews and your profile's level of detail.

Quote quickly. The data is conclusive: Your chances of winning a job are stronger if you quote soon after getting the notification for the job. In fact, if you can quote within the first four hours, the more likely you are to win. Our speedy mobile site makes quoting on the go easy.

Quote locally. Many customers prefer a local tradie. We highly encourage you to frequently quote on jobs that come up in your immediate area.

Submit detailed quotes. A detailed quote can sometimes sell your services better than the price. When you're quoting a customer, make sure you include what's included for the price and how soon you could schedule the job.

Be responsive. When a customer poses a question, that means he or she is getting close to booking. The sooner you can respond to these questions, the more likely it is that you'll be chosen to perform the job.

Get paid. OurTradie will soon be taking customer payments on your behalf and you'll receive your payment immediately. Successfully getting paid reflects positively in your Tradie Rating, which can help you win more jobs.

Get positive reviews. The easiest way to make sure your OurTradie review is positive. Be on time. It will be hard to get a positive review if the job starts off on the wrong foot. If you feel like the job was done to the customer's satisfaction, encourage them to leave you a glowing review. If you haven't gotten enough OurTradie reviews, ask past customers for testimonials and add reviews from other sites such as HiPages, ServiceCentral.