OurTradie is the system property managers were waiting for. Now, you can use the system the experts use.


From comprehensive job-tracking to automated invoices, we make property maintenance really, really easy.


We help tradies, property managers, tenants and landlords work through maintenance tasks more efficiently together.


Property Manager benefits

Work better with tradies

Work more efficiently with your existing network of tradies or find new and reliable tradies at the click of a button.

Fast & efficient turnarounds

OurTradies's notification system ensures jobs are completed on time and reduces the risk of maintenance tasks being delayed.

Track tradie productivity

Whether a tradie is on the way to a job, nearly finished or just sending through a quote, property managers can check their progress and stay in the know.

Automated invoicing

Save time and money with OurTradie's automated invoice function that integrates seamlessly with your existing trust system.

Starting is simple

Create your profile, import your properties from your trust system and start creating and reviewing jobs instantly.

Positive partnerships

We help property managers, tradies, tenants, landlords work through maintenance tasks more efficiently together.

Completely mobile

OurTradie has cutomised solutions for all devices including mobile and tablet, so you can create & track maintenance jobs while on-the-go.

Save time & money

The average agency relies on property management for 55% of their fixed income. OurTradie offers savings in many areas from invoice automation to lower phone bills.